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  • Chopard
  • Dr Vranjes

    Dr. Vranjes Firenze is the journey of one man's quest to develop the finest fragrances which stimulate the senses and emotions. Dr. Paolo Vranjes, a chemist and accomplished artisan perfumer who has developed a unique range of luxury fragrances. Inspired by his artistically renown home city of Florence and the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany, Dr. Vranjes artfully blends together pure natural ingredients with the world's finest essential oils to create stimulating and evocative fragrances. Scents so finely orchestrated they breathe life into your world, translating emotions into the very finest olfactory delights.

  • Fendi Eyewear

    Captivating & feminine Fendi sunglasses are created for a sophisticated and elegant look. Precious materials, refined details, daring colour combinations for a distinctive, feminine and versatile look.

  • 'Lalaerre

    Swiss brand, Lalaerre's collections offer minimalistic and refined characteristics, favouring timeless elegance rather than ephemeral trends.

  • Maliparmi
  • Maria Calderara

    Maria Calderara a mysterious and talented Venetian Architect, has created a unique name around jewelry and fashion.

    The Maria Calderara collections are timeless, light and assertive all at once. Graphic & Architectural the look overlays light weighted pieces of clothing with precious jewels resulting in a fluid, sinuous, unpredictable silhouettes.

  • Montale

    The House Montale was built by Pierre Montale in 2003 in Paris. After spending many years in Saudi Arabia, where he created perfumes for the royal family, he came back in Paris to present his astonishing oriental creations to the occidental world. Pierre Montale has selected Incense, Balsam, Amber, Cedar, precious wood and a thousand other wonderful scents to make Montale perfumes ointments of happiness or love potions.

  • Oribe

    Oribe Hair Care was founded by renowned editorial and celebrity hairstylist Oribe and beauty industry veterans Daniel Kaner and Tev Finger with the goal of creating a new kind of hair company.

    Their range leverages skin care technology and natural actives to deliver high-performance, treatment-based products—all while never forgetting that healthy hair is the underpinning for sexy, glamorous styling, leaving us with a best-in-class collection that truly meets the needs of the hair-obsessed.

  • Smith & Cult

    Smith & Cult represents the duality we all inhabit throughout our lives and our individual expressions of beauty, which reflects who we’ve been, are and aspire to become. Each shade is inspired by and representative of the experiences depicted in the diary entries of a beauty addicted heroine who sees her world through a lens of color.